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At dawn, the morning light shone through the curtains, not related to the gap since Morrowind windows and window blowing super bowl jerseys in tight, beige curtains blowing TV drama slowly fluttering. Enron slowly woke and looked asleep beside him hold his own man looked slightly hazy, then a shy red, just like last night everything is a dream, the real bit unnatural. Facts have proved that men really experienced the pain can reduce a woman first night, last night the moment he entered it as though torn, but does not regard as Lin said, the pain passed out. Enron looked at cheap super bowl jerseys the moment does not blink beside the sleeping man, look presumptuous and bold, this is the first time she looked at him so seriously. He was very good looking, shaggy eyebrows, aquiline nose, Enron moment I realized that even her eyelashes very long, such as women in general, thick black slender, but the difference is that, although his long eyelashes, but not Alice, so do not give the race very mother feeling. Enron looked, suddenly some mischievous hand, gently touching the slender eyelashes, eyelids and saw Su Yi Cheng moved slightly lower, but did not immediately wake up, Enron cheap super bowl jerseys free shipping is very pleasant for fun, moved his hand again, and so forth like some bored, so she did not find someone with a mouth that half pour nice arc. For fear he woke up, Enron spit tongue no more moving. After last night, Enron thin, fear of embarrassment that he woke up when the two men standing face to face, gently want to quit his arms. That hand gently resting on her hands off the waistline, as gently as possible the action from the hand propped want half up, but in the next second, behind the man said something softly, and stroked her arms to embrace back, chin against her forehead, go. Cheng hug with his appearance, some live, not as warm gentle appearance, his embrace with a possessive hand and hugged her, one hand on her hip, big palm close to her Alice Ting ass is pressing her limbs like to bring her into the body in general. Touching the swollen skin between Enron's face look red to let up, day dawn. Enron stems with whispered. Ah. Su Yi Cheng softly answered, did not look at the big palm has a smooth stroking her back, still early, sleep for a while. Enron where also fall asleep, embarrassed, ashamed and resentful, and even their own at the moment is not clear how kind of mood. He looked up and saw he still eyes closed, only a third suspect he did not wake up, I, I do it for breakfast. Heard, Cheng suddenly opened his eyes and just hit her in the eye, look at Enron blushing bow does not see him, everything is still vivid in my mind last night, at the moment, those scenes Xiuren she just felt embarrassed. Cheng Gouzhuo mouth smile, her appearance in a lovely blush seems exceptionally gratifying his bow in front of the mouth kissed her forehead, smiled and asked ? Hungry. In fact, where also spare you hungry there is no appetite, Enron but just hurry up and leave the room, leave this man. Busy and not fall nodded and said. Ah, let me up, very hungry. Ah. Su Yi Cheng casually should be a big palm leaning on her back, stroked her arms more to promote their own, without leaving a trace of voids. Then the dull sound in her ears, only very he said. Ah, I'm hungry too. Enron's body suddenly tight, stiff afraid to move, what she obviously felt that the moment she arrived at between the legs hard, her heart instinctively thrown a bad feeling. Mouth smile was very stiff, I, I, I, I got up to you to do. Cheng laugh bent eyebrows, where waking up after a little misty, determined by looking at Enron, under the quilt, body leaned more toward her, hugged her body so she can more clearly feel him this morning spirited . Nasty inviting lips, smiled and said. No, have been off the shelf The amountin, where. Enron fool, Dry towards him with a smile, the body continued to rely go behind. Cheng laugh, clasp her strength point is not to relax, just laughed You
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